Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Beta (Week 7)

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The latest update for Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) was released this week. This is a minor update with mostly just some changes to the carrying capacity of the various starships, but it did come out with one MAJOR change that I'm glad to see happen.

The cost of skills has been completely undone from all the other updates, returning it back to the cost listed in the actual book. The original cost for skills was 5 times the new rating for Career Skills or 5 plus 5 times the new rating (or 5 times one more than the new rating) for non-Career skills. In the Week 4 update the price to the non-Career skills was changed to be 10 times the new rating. While that might not seem like that big of a change, it does add up (see previous update).

Thankfully, this has been undone and now non-Career skills are back to costing just 5 more XP per rating than non-Career skills. This helps reduce the need by players to find those various other Specializations to make skills become Career skills.

Speaking of Specializations and costs, another minor change in this update was the cost of new Specializations. Each Specialization now costs 10 times the number of Specializations you'll have for Career Specializations and non-Career Specializations now only cost 10 more XP than Career ones. So, picking up your second Specialization would cost 20 for a Career Specialization or 30 for a non-Career. Your fourth Specialization would cost 40 for a Career Specialization or 50 for a non-Career one. Yes, I know there are only 3 Specializations in each given Career, but you can pick up Specializations in any order.

That's all for this week, see you in a galaxy far, far away...