World of the Dead

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Daring Entertainment, publishers of the War of the Dead campaign series, have announced a new campaign setting, World of the Dead.

Four years have passed since the rise of the Living Dead on the world. Survivors have found places to put down stakes and try and stay alive even with the constant threat of the dead coming to take them away. Rumors are heard of a settlement that has managed to hold onto technology somewhere behind a wall. Face off against old, familiar horrors as well as new and terrifying creatures that have since arisen.

World of the Dead is a Plot Point campaign for the Savage Worlds system. Players and GMs don't need to be familiar with the War of the Dead adventures to play in this latest setting. But if you haven't played them, then check out the War of the Dead while you await the arrival of this new installment.

War of the Dead: Chapter 1

War of the Dead: Chapter 2

War of the Dead: Chapter 3

War of the Dead: Chapter 4

Check out the project and become one of the horde to support this next installment of what has been a great series of adventures.