Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - Character Sheet

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With the recent release of the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - Beginner's Box, Fantasy Flight has opened up the latest version of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game to a wider audience than the Beta book. One of the resources missing from the set was a usable, blank character sheet. Aazlain, from the Fantasy Flight Forums, was kind enough to create a sheet and from that comes this user editable PDF.

For the character sheets for the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Core Rules, see here.

Taking from the effort to create the Shadowrun Character Sheets as well as the multitude of Savage Worlds sheets, this one is the most advanced so far. Embedded into the sheet is a font that provides the various symbols used on the special Dice for the RPG. The dice pools for the various skills are filled out as the character sheet is edited, which should ease new players with the new system.

The character sheet is a single-sided form with all the Characteristics, skills and derived secondary Characteristics. It provides space for three weapons and displays the dice pool to be rolled based on the selected skill for the item. And there are two boxes, one for tracking other notes or gear and the other for tracking the credits a character has built up.

What the sheet lacks is a spot for dealing with the Obligation that a character has taken on (either from creation or through the course of adventuring).


Is there a chance I can get this in an editable form. I going to do some team building and need to make some modifications. If so can you email to

The PDF isn't secured, so it can be opened in either Photoshop or Illustrator to alter the image that makes it up. The forms can be edited or created in Acrobat Pro.