Adventures in GMing...

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How many times has this happened to you as a GM, or seen it happen as a player? The night started great. The adventure is underway and suddenly the group just veers off into left field and keeps on going. Who knows why. Maybe the group got caught up by some little detail the GM let out or maybe the evening wasn’t really planned and now, you’re forced to come up with information on the fly; things like NPCs with names and backgrounds, places to go, things to find, creatures to kill. All of that is great, at least when the imagination is awake and working. But what happens when no matter how hard you try, the best you can do is look around and use whatever comes to mind at the moment. What you get, is a recent video from The Escapist.

A grand idea of a campaign has gone off course and everything that comes after is just off the cuff gaming. And what’s worse is when the group finally realizes that everything they’ve done was just random stuff.