Savage Worlds Conversions

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The day has come. The party is creeping along in a new and exciting dungeon that's hasn't seen the light of day in centuries. They turn the corner and come face to face with... Hmm... I thought I had something planned, but now I can't find my stats. Maybe that notecard fell out of my folder. Oh, well. I have the Pathfinder site open... But this is Savage Worlds. It is so simple to wing it with a monster, but why not have actual stats to make the monster more unique than just some d6s mixed with a d8 here or there.

Well, thanks to the Savage community, there is a nice utility online that quickly does the conversion of D20 stat blocks over to the needed Savage stats. Along with the actual conversion, the tool also helps by showing a ranking of the creature converted versus a selection of monsters in the Savage Worlds core book. The only issue I see is that while it gives an idea of wins versus losses, it doesn't indicate what it is using as the baseline. Is it the converted creature versus each core monster? Or is it some unlisted human wildcard?

It also includes BB code for the stats, so that they can be posted into various forums for those that either game online or just like to share things of this nature with other gamers.

Copy and paste a Pathfinder statblock into the text box below. You can find statblocks on websites such as here and here. I found that it works by highlighting from the name of the monster down to its Special Abilities like is shown below. Hit convert to see the outcome for the Common Bat.

Extra Wild Card