Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - Release Edition Character Sheet

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With the launch of the latest incarnation of a Star Wars RPG, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, a few fans have started to created useful things like character sheets, ship sheets, etc... This sheet is my first pass at taking one of those fan-made productions and add my special little flair of making them editable and savable from within Adobe Reader.

This particular character sheet has some added improvements over previous ones. The dice pools are created and coded based on the values entered or selected by the player so that they have a nice visual representation of which dice they need to roll (Green Ability, Yellow Proficiency) when setting up the needed dice pools. It also will fill in the pool for the weapons entered with some minor gotchas that I don't like, but haven't worked out a fix for. Namely the pool won't update automatically. One fix for this is to just run the mouse over the dropdown boxes which causes the skill pool to refresh for the weapon. The other is to reselect the skill desired in the dropdown box to get the pool to redraw. Another gotcha is with the "empty" skill fields. I haven't worked out a way to either select or figure out which Characteristic to associate the given skill to.

For everything else, the fields are there and ready for use. The galaxy awaits those ready to find new adventures and stories. A new sheet has been uploaded that is just one long Talent sheet for those needing a lot more room for such things (since there are a huge number of Talents in Edge of the Empire).

May your skill guide your fortunes and the Empire reward you for finding any rogue Force users hiding out in the Outer Rim.


as in subject. the character sheet is awesome and i would love to use your creation for all my paper needs during the games. keep it up!

Yup, there's every chance as I did them already, heheh.

Vehicle and Group Sheets

Thanks for your work on this and the other sheets. Any way to reduce the input font size to match that of the Skills? Would allow more room, but not sure how much it would mess up your formatting. I also had issues with Presence Characteristic not updating the skill dice pool correctly, but eventually got it.

Should be better now. I fixed up some of the fields that were sing line, but scrolling rather than resizing text.

Presence problem fixed but I still have an issue with the Font Size, some fields were updated but others have static font size still. The main areas for me was SocialTalents and Gear, needed to be set to be Auto. Same with your vehicle sheet.

This is still my favorite char sheet\layout. Think it is great for digital, however after my group used it printed for a few weeks. I would like to suggest a print friendly version too. Where the dice pool area has a static Boost, Ability, and Proficiency dice icon, with space to write a number next to each. That way it is easier to update and change the pool with pencil, instead of needing to print a new sheet. I suggest Boost since talents like Stalker or attachments to weapons that add accuracy. IF enough room include Setback too, for talents or gear. Also the yellow for Proficiency could be a bit darker color, when printed I have to use a marker on it so it stands out more.

Great sheet!

Looks like the Pr skills are actually linked to the Will attribute value mistakenly.

They should be fixed now. Thanks for the heads up.

By any chance you dont have one that is connected to a Specializations Sheet? Or a Job and Specialization sheet?

Hey, I realize I'm super late to the game here. But is there a way to add a spot (and I know the sheet is already maxed out for space) to indicate that we get a boost die or can remove a setback die next to a particular skill? (from abilities like skilled jockey or stalker)