Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - Other Sheets

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With the release of the latest incarnation of the Star Wars universe in RPG format, Fantasy Flight released a couple of player/GM aides in PDF format. While it is nice to have copies in this format rather than trying to flatten a nice, big book, like the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire core rule book to copy them for game play, it would help if they were fillable so that they'd be usable on a computer (or just to avoid messy handwriting).

Just like the Character Sheet that was released for the game by one of the fans, here's the Vehicle Record Sheet and the Group Record Sheet. One possible improvement might be to change the silhouette image of the Vehicle Record Sheet so that a different ship's silhouette could be loaded into place (such as a Firespray or a YT-2400).

And what do you know, that improvement is now available. There's only five silhouettes to choose from or none if you want the field to be blank. The dropdown that shows to the lower right of the silhouettes doesn't print. The change to the silhouette only happens when the dropdown gains or loses focus (ahh the joys of Adobe javascript).

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posted on wrong sheet :)

By any chance u dont have one Linked to the Job and Specializations Sheet?? Or at least the Specializations tree???

I haven't done the Talent Trees as others were working on those (