Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Beta (Week 10)

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Fantasy Flight Games has announced that the Beta is coming to an end for the new Star Wars RPG. The latest update to the Beta was a minor one in comparison to previous updates. The two real fixes in this update deal with Autofire weapons and Two-Weapon Fighting. Autofire was adjusted in two ways. The first is that it now costs more Advantages to activate the ability, which reduces how often it will go off.

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Beta (Week 5)

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Fantasy Flight Games (FFG), the publisher of the latest Star Wars RPG, is now into their sixth week of this Beta release. Each week FFG has taken feedback from the players in the open beta and put out updates to the game. The first week was minor updates to the various species to fix minor issues. The second week included updates to the Force Exile Career and the specializations available. The third week’s update was minor fixes to the various weapons, mostly lowering the damage and adjusting the prices.

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Beta (Week 1)

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Star Wars: Edge of Empire is the latest incarnation for the Star Wars setting. This latest ruleset comes from Fantasy Flight Games and currently has been released in just a Beta format for players to playtest and provide feedback on.

I got a hold of the Beta ruleset this past weekend from a friend and took a read through it. This is just a preliminary look at the system as I haven't yet run a game with the rules to try them out.

Open source dice making!

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This was an article that I dug out of the wayback machine about creating your own custom dice. I haven't tested the methods yet, but this does look like a promising way to do dice for various game systems (Fudge, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, etc...).

You would like to have some funny and cheap custom dice made?

Do setup fees step you back from giving a quick present to a friend?

Fantasy Flight to release new version of Star Wars RPG

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I've been trying to follow the goings on in the RPG world with the Star Wars license. In early 2010, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) gave up the license to the Star Wars merchandising that they had been doing for several years (D20 RPG, Miniatures, etc...). By the end of that year no more of WotC's Star Wars RPG or Miniature products were to be found on shelves.

Shadowrun 4th Edition Character Sheet

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Updated August 29th, 2012

I spent some time and took and created a version of a Shadowrun character sheet that is fillable in Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader. Most of the file is complete, but there are still a few sections that I haven't gotten to as yet to make editable, like the cybernetics page at the very end. This sheet is based on the one by Ismo version 2.1.
I recently found another SR4 Character Sheet to begin modifying from Super Spy Studios. This is a basic sheet designed for characters that can fit on two pages. Or just keep filling out and printing the additional "back pages".

Savage Worlds Character Generator Program on Kickstarter

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Journeyman Games, has just announced a Kickstarter for a new program, Wild Card Creator. The purpose of the program is to simplify the creating of characters for various settings by coming up with a way to read in a PDF that the user owns and converting the information into the necessary program elements, like finding all the new Edges, Skills and, possibly, the Equipment.