Savage Worlds Character Generator Program on Kickstarter

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Journeyman Games, has just announced a Kickstarter for a new program, Wild Card Creator. The purpose of the program is to simplify the creating of characters for various settings by coming up with a way to read in a PDF that the user owns and converting the information into the necessary program elements, like finding all the new Edges, Skills and, possibly, the Equipment.

Build a Better Starfield (Layout)

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Now that we have built the geometry for our starfield, we can start to add more realistic surfaces and set rendering options so that we can finally render our new starfield scene.

A lot of the techniques described here were initially suggested by Mojo of Foundation Imaging, so if you recognise some settings, that's where they're from.

The Scale of the Universe

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IBM created a video entitled "The Powers of Ten" back in the late 1970s that demonstrated the scale of things in the universe by zooming out a distance equal to adding another zero to the starting scale and then zoomed in by removing zeroes from the number down to the smallest distance known.