Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - Dice Roller

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With the release of Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) latest RPG, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, comes another need for some players. The game system uses its own custom dice with unique symbols to handle the more cinematic or narrative style. FFG was kind enough to include a set of sticker sheets in the Beta version of the rules, which had their own issues. Also available for iOS (Apple products) and Android for $4.99 is a dice rolling app that provides dice for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Star Wars X-wing Miniatures Game and "regular" polyhedral dice for other games (Pathfinder, D&D 4e, etc...).

I created this simple application in PERL using wxWidgets to create a very simplistic interface. There are no fancy backgrounds or clattering of rolling dice. It doesn't use any kind of physics engine or pretty graphics to represent the dice, just a simple text field that shows the result from the simple random number generated results. The program can autoreduce the result, so that all that is displayed is the final tally after the different symbols cancel each other out (Successes countered by Failures, Advantages countered by Threat) or left to show the full result of the roll to let the GM/Player decide.

Some minor notes: Since the Despair counts as a Failure and the Triumph counts as a Success, those extras are tallied in the score. If you roll a result with Autoreduce enabled and see a Triumph, but no Success, then the Success was cancelled by a Failure. Same thing with the Despair.

There is no installer. Just extract all the files to a single directory and run the "SWEotE-DiceRoller.exe". That will launch the program and you're ready to roll dice.


Any chance of getting the Perl code? If so, I could make a Mac compatible version. It would be nice than trying to reinvent the wheel. Message me on FB.