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female kitsune that lives with the kami in the Forest of Spirits. Met the party in Ordu-Aganhei and led them to meet the kami in the forest that had heard of the rise of an Ametatsu heir. Normally travels as a plain looking Tien peasant woman. She seems to like Thiecho, even if she is a bit confused by his stories of himself.

  • Gift from Miyaru before taking on the House of Withered Blossoms
  • Small magical fan
    • +2 to CHA skills
    • 1/day calm emotions
    • 1/day whispering winds
Out of the Woods, Into the Frying Pan
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  • Hirabashi Jiro
    • Ronin leading the people in the north
    • Wields Higashiyama family Daikyu
  • tall tien women greets the party
    • Habetsute Hatsue
  • bandits occupy a fort in northern minkai
    • used as a base of power
    • negotiating with the Jade Regent to become a recognized power
    • Chieftain, Gang-sun
Our Party
6 months ago
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Race: Elf was Hobgoblin
Class: Ranger

Raised by Shalelu from a young age when he was found in the woods near Sandpoint. Died in Ravenscraeg during the final fight with the main enemy, Thorborg Silverskorr. Was reincarnated as an elf as part of the parties reward for rescuing Lute Haggersly. Was killed by a white dragon in the lands of the north and resurrected by the seal. Nearly died, several times, in the House of Withered Blossoms when dealing with the Oni and their hobgoblin followers. He's become possessed by multiple spirits. One that is beneficial as she has taught him Tien and provides him minor information about this place (+2 to knowledge(local, history, nobility); can be checked untrained).

Celairdir Andosana
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Race: Elf
Class: Wizard, Ranger, Arcane Archer

Younger brother of the main NPC Shalelu. Generally naive, but loves to make things burn or go boom when he can. Brother to Thiecho, even though one is an elf and the other a hobgoblin. He prefers to spend his time reading or working on his magical gifts, but has come out of his shell a bit from the trials and travels of the party so far. He has a preference for fire spells. The bigger, the better.

4 months ago

Race: Dhamphir
Class: Cleric was Monk

Forest of Spirits
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  • a month passed getting to the encampment of the spirits
  • left the caravan behind, along with the NPCs, to investigate the House of Withered Blossoms that is the jail of the Oni of the Five Storms
    • the Kami can sense that an Oni is still present in the house, but can't get inside as their pact prevents their entry while any Oni is still present.
  • Moai kami
    • creator of the bracers
    • lives in the Forest of Spirits
    • "Brother" to other spirits of the 5 items
  • Other great kami
    • Iron mine in the mountains
    • eastern sea
    • massive mountain by itself
    • southern part of minkai is a volcano
House of Withered Blossoms
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  • Akumi
  • Akinosa - Aranae leader in the Pagoda
  • Munasukaru
    • female leader of the oni in Pagoda
    • Killed deep under the pagoda
    • found in a room with a large doorway of primal conjuration energies in the floor
      • no longer functional
      • most likely route of escape from the house for the other Oni
  • Anamuraman
    • leader of the five storms
    • wanted to sire a child (tiefling)
  • five storms cannot conquer. Must take the land by wiping out all heirs of the house of Ametatsu
  • book by anamuraman (head of the five storms) found in the library
    • desires to sire a partial human progeny
    • failures and treatment of those who failed him
    • notes about joy of siring a child
      • is able to hide as a human
      • has a position with shigure higashiama, late emperor of minkai
        • He's the Jade Regent of Minkai
      • dealt with the loose end that was the child's mom/family
      • book gives the child's name