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Sebastian White

56 days ago
  • Handle: Steelcrow
  • Metatype: Human (Albino)
  • Job: Decker/Technomancer

Works in a vehicle garage and lives in the apartment above it with Bastet.


56 days ago
  • Handle: Bastet
  • Metatype: Dwarf
  • Job: Physical Adept

She currently resides with Steelcrow in his place above the garage that he works in. Seems to be picking up on bigger firepower, or at least some strange variety (grenades, chemical weapons, crossbows, etc...).


56 days ago
  • Handle: Valentine
  • Metatype: Human
  • Job: Street Samurai (Sniper specialty)

A psychopath of a street sam who thinks that killing random people in the poorer districts is a good way to pass the time and improve his shooting skill.


56 days ago

Male Human. Leader of The Lodge.

  • Magic: 7 (Grade 1 Initiate)
  • Essence: 6
  • Hermetic focused in illusions

The Lodge

56 days ago

Located in Socialites Territory, this is a Hermetic Magical lodge with a small group of unaffiliated members. The leader of the lodge is Zachary. The other members are FrostBurn, Megan and Alexander. The focus of the lodge is on enchanting and ritual casting, but with the addition of FrostBurn comes the inclusion of more direct manipulation (sorcery).


56 days ago

Male Human. Member of The Lodge

  • Magic: < 6
  • Essence: 6


56 days ago

Female Human. Member of The Lodge

  • Magic: < 6
  • Essence: 6

Jasper Horne

56 days ago
  • Handle: Frostburn
  • Metatype: Human
  • Job: Hermetic Mage

Joined a Hermetic Lodge after the 2nd run in the 'plex.

Run 3: Debts are repaid

56 days ago
  • Seth calls for a meet. Time to pay up for past debts
  • Meet is at the waterfront, deep in Children territory. It is an old, run down apartment complex.
  • Argos, Seth's superior, wetwork hit in a specific manner
    • rob a location to obtain gear of 7th St Samurai
    • hit Argos, per later details
  • compensation 30,000

Run 2: Wetwork or Bust?

56 days ago
  • Mr. Smith contacts the group to meet up with a new Johnson.
  • Ms. Johnson works for a Neo-Net subsidiary, Horizon. Job offer is 86,000 to retrieve a missing person.
  • meeting made with Candi by Colt
  • "brother" found in some form of safehouse protected by another group of Runners
  • Offered a counter deal for the run, 120,000 to not return him to Horizon


56 days ago

Johnson. Hired the group to retrieve a stolen item from a hidden research site. No idea what company he works for.

Different Strokes

56 days ago
  • Brothel located in neutral territory between the 3 main gangs

Run 1: A Terrible Thing to Waste

56 days ago

Older man: Fixer. Mr. Smith

To the Nines. Ask for Lazarus at the bar.

  • retrieve item
    • neonet AX179 drive
    • Acquire drive and return without altering it
  • find who stole it
  • 4100 up front, 500/day, 5500 for the return
  • between the socialites and the Children of the Glow territories is where it vanished from
  • smashers had devil rats with them
  • RatPak gang
    • small gang. Leader trains devil rats
  • Favor owed to Seth of the Children of the Glow
  • returned the AI on the drive to Lazarus and were paid for our effort (10,100Y)

Boston Knowledge

2 months ago


2 months ago

Ghoul that is part of the Children of the Glow. The destruction of the RatPak cost them a possible ally and so payment of a favor is now owed.


2 months ago

human rat shaman that led the RatPak. He specialized in summoning spirits.

Killed during a run to recover some stolen tech taken by his gang.

To the Nines

2 months ago
  • own by the Socialites
  • wage slaves looking for a nightlife
  • warehouse district near the corporate park
  • require those who enter to be "dressed to the nines"

7th St Samurais

2 months ago

Southwestern area of Boston. Militant/Aggressive gang protecting their turf. Generally cybered. Tech runners. 3 years old. Founded by former Lone Star officer.


2 months ago

Control the area around the corporate area of Boston. Provide security and entertainment to corps where KE won't go.

Children of the Glow

2 months ago

Control Eastern Mass, including the harbor. Vicious, brutal, drug and gun runners. Most come from the irradiated area of former Boston. Not all are metahumans.


2 months ago
  • leader was Markus, a rat shaman
  • controlled a small territory on the border of the Children of the Glow territory.
  • mostly wiped out to recover a drive


3 months ago
  • Handle: Revenant
  • Metatype: Human
  • Job: Physical Adept

Jack Taslim

3 months ago
  • Handle: Colt
  • Metatype: Elf
  • Job: Face