Basic D&D Character Sheet

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Updated April 10,

We've been playing a campaign of Classic Dungeons & Dragons. The most recently completed module is the original Temple of Elemental Evil. If I recall correctly the completion of this module by our party brought the total body count for it with this GM up to almost 30 characters. We were also both the largest party and lowest average level to complete it with most of the party being below level 7. Attached is the character sheet that we've been using for this campaign which has started the second adventure. We're skipping the Pit of the Slavelords as that one has been "completed" by another adventuring party in this GM's already existing timeline. Thanks to feedback from users I've found some ways to help improve the existing sheet. I expanded on the classes that are in the experience chart to include those from the Oriental Adventures source book as well as the Dragon Magazine alternate Paladins as our party included a Garath as well as a Shukenja.

Some nice features I've added to the original sheet created by the GM:

  1. Fixed up some entry points for characters to make it more clear where to enter certain items in.
  2. it determines character level from the XP on the Experience sheet and the name of the class entered on the Stats sheet.
  3. Can now handle a character with 1 or 2 classes. Shouldn't be hard to allow it to do 3 classes, but that is pretty extreme.
  4. Changed the class selection to use a dropdown list based on the classes I have entered into the sheet already. Should make the sheet easier to use for selecting classes. Just hit backspace on the class selection to delete that choice.
  5. Corrected a small error on the experience tables
  6. it autosums the hitpoints entered in for each level and puts them in the Hit Points spot on the Stats sheet
  7. Fills in most of the attributes from the data entered.
  8. it tracks Weapon and Non-Weapon Proficiency slot usage. For it to work right you'll need to change the starting and per level numbers
  9. If your character qualifies for an XP bonus (e.g. having high stats), enter the % bonus on the Experience sheet and it will auto include it. I might need to make some changes to better handle rounding.

Some things that it can't do.

  1. it doesn't handle multi-classing (including dual classing for humans)
  2. it doesn't have the charts for ability scores to autofill those rows
  3. it doesn't have the charts for saving throws or THAC0.
  4. it doesn't have a way to handle specialization names (e.g. Force Mage or Shadow Mage instead of Wizard) for looking up the right Experience chart.

Thoughts or comments are always welcome.