Legend of the Five Rings Character Sheet (3rd Edition)

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Choose your Clan; Choose your Family; Defend your honor and gain fame while serving for the glory of your Family, Clan and for the Empire. Welcome to the Legend of the Five Rings. An Oriental-themed Role-playing Game set in the fantasy world of Rokugan. This is a world of subtlety and honor where you might spend your time negotiating with neighboring clans or serving on the wall defending the Empire of Rokugan from invasion by creatures of the Shadowlands. Enter the world as a Dragon Monk, or a Mantis Bounty Hunter or a Crab Samurai.

North of the Empire of Rokugan lies the Burning Sands and the Jewel of the Desert. Whoever controls the city, controls the desert. Legend of the Burning Sands is a game of intrigue and mystery as empires clash to try and control the only river in all the desert.

Whatever you choose, here's a character sheet to help with tracking your character's progress and skills. The sheet is able to do a few basic calculations, namely Total Insight as well as the value of the various Rings. Thankfully the sheets are very basic, so it was quick to convert to an editable and saveable format suitable for gameplay.

I added a few more features to the sheet. It now includes the basic insight boosts due to skill mastery (+2 for Rank 5 and +5 for Rank 10). It also displays the damage caps for each of the conditions. I also adjusted the Skill Ranks fields so that they limit the value entered to be 1 to 10 (or blank) and the overall Tab Order for the different parts of the sheet are better setup for entering data.