Legend of the Five Rings Character Sheet (4th Edition)

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Choose your Clan; Choose your Family; Defend your honor and gain fame while serving for the glory of your Family, Clan and for the Empire. Welcome to the Legend of the Five Rings. An Oriental-themed Role-playing Game set in the fantasy world of Rokugan. This is a world of subtlety and honor where you might spend your time negotiating with neighboring clans or serving on the wall defending the Empire of Rokugan from invasion by creatures of the Shadowlands.

Enter the world as a Dragon Monk, or a Mantis Bounty Hunter or a Crab Samurai. Whatever you choose, here's a character sheet to help with tracking your character's progress and skills. This Five page character sheet is a modified version of the one supplied by AEG on the L5R website. Like the 3rd Edition Character Sheet this one performs a few basic calculations, like Insight and the basic Initiative Skill roll.

I'm not sure of the best way to present the wounds in the chart (total to leave the rank or just how many in the given rank?), so it doesn't calculate anything for now. Please leave feedback on what would be best.

Another player made some changes to the sheet. The edit autocalculates the character's Rank and Insight (including the bonus from courtier and etiquette skills). The wounds column fills in based on the Earth ring and has two boxes, that won't print, for changing the multiplier to wounds. Enjoy the fixes.


The sheet you based yours on (the official one from the 4e core book) doesn't give a clear spot to put full ranks of Honor/Glory/Status/Taint (just the pips below), but I'm used to simply writing in my full ranks next to the word (next for "Honor", for example). I noticed, though, that with your sheet there isn't a fillable field there.
I'm not expecting you to nudge the header words over to make room or anything, but can you add a small text box next to those words, so we can type in full ranks? (I know it's a crowded spot, but basically just a single digit 0-9 should work as 10 can be represented by a 9 with all 10 pips filled in.)

Also, for the wound ranks, in my experience, different individuals have their own methods for keeping track (friends of mine make tally marks for current, as it's easier to adjust those than constantly adjusting numerals and erasing a whole through your character sheet, and I've seen them do tally marks for totals for easy comparison), so making those editable but not auto-calculating seems like the best compromise there.

Thanks for making a fillable sheet! They are hard to find, but so very useful for having an easy-to-email version of a character.

I added a field next to each status (Honor, Glory, Status, Shadowland Taint).

I was filling in the section for Shugenja spells (Extended Shugenja Mechanics) and in the first column, in the 5th spot to fill in the spell information, it copies that information in to the other two spell information spots below it in the column. The first column is the only one that this happens with. I must say that this is a very beautifully done character sheet and I love that I'm able to save it and edit it as various things increase.

Thanks for the feedback. I see how that happened and have uploaded a fixed version of the sheet to the site. Let me know if anything else odd shows up.
Due to changes in Acrobat, I'd recommend that everyone upgrade to Adobe Reader XI as it can save forms without having to do my previous manipulations to extend more permissions for Reader like I was doing when I had Acrobat Pro IX.