Shadowrun 3rd Edition Character Sheets

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The year is 2060. Welcome to the Shadows. Corporations are now extraterritorial nations in their own right. Deniable assets are the name of the game as corporations lie, cheat and steal from each other in games of oneupmanship. Magic has returned to the world and with it, chaos. Magic's return has reawakened many things, including trolls, orcs, elves and dwarves from amongst the normal humans.

Whether you're a rigger, controller of vehicles and drones, a decker, surfer of the Matrix and hacker extrodinaires, a Street Samurai, a cyber-implanted individual with lots of combat abilities, or a Mage, spellcaster, spirit summoner, healer or whatever, this is your world. Hiding in the shadows, being hired guns for the various Megacorporations that rule the sprawling cities.

Attached are the various character sheets that one might need for the 3rd edition of Shadowrun. These are all editable and saveable from within Adobe Acrobat Reader. No need to buy the full software.